Facilitation and coaching

"Steve Weiner is one of the best trainers and facilitators in the market. His professional services, performing and L&D backgrounds give him unique skill set and experience base from which he delivers highly engaging sessions with a clear focus on practical relevance for participants. Using levity, appropriate challenge and a pragmatic approach to facilitated conversations, he is never less than interesting, informative and, dare one say, entertaining. Highly recommended".

Director of Learning & Development, global law firm.

Steve is a highly experienced facilitator and coach. He works with technical professionals - in groups or 121 - with the aim of helping them to communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients alike.


Steve’s approach is based on sound intellectual rigour but with an experiential, highly practical and ‘content-lean’ methodology. It's important to make use of relevant theory and concepts but only if they’re linked to what people actually do back at their desks! It's all about the real-time practice of effective, professional communication. 

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Steve has three specific (but often overlapping) areas of expertise:

  • Informational alchemy - helping technical experts communicate dry, technical material using 'safe' narrative tools

  • Quality conversations - helping technical experts have better quality and more effective conversations with clients and colleagues

  • EQ and self-awareness - helping technical experts understand themselves better and balance their 'IQ' with required 'EQ'

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In everything that Steve does, he consciously leans on his comedy performance experience to bring a relaxed, informal and light touch to solutions he facilitates. Levity, he believes, is vital in the context of development.




Steve is also an Associate of the Moller Institute in Cambridge.


Qualified as a coach with the Oxford School of Coach Mentoring (‘OCM’), Steve enriches his practice with accreditations across many psychometric tools (including Lumina Spark, Insights Discovery, FIRO B, Belbin, EQI 2.0) as well as being a qualified online learning facilitator with the Learning Performance Institute (‘LPI’).

Steve is an experienced business role-player and skills practice facilitator.