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Informational alchemy – dry sand to gold dust

Helping technical experts ‘breathe life’ into the communication of technical material

It sounds obvious but being clever and ‘knowing stuff’ as a lawyer isn’t (in of itself) impressive. This is especially the case when technical experts communicate with people who might not be as technical (or as interested!) in a technical area or topic as the expert. The communication ‘gold dust’ lies in making your learners (clients or colleagues) care about what you’re saying. To make them feel and not just think. That’s the real challenge. And the answer lies in your story – what’s the narrative that sits behind your technical information and your interaction with it? 

This isn’t about needless story-telling, ‘spinning a tale’ or pretending something is ‘interesting’ when you think it isn’t. It’s about finding the ‘why’ of your technical information to breathe life into your communication of it. In this way, you can connect more intimately with listeners – clients or colleagues.


Once you’ve managed to get a handle on the ‘why’, you’ll be in a great position to design and deliver your information, in a presentation, a meeting, on a call or 121. 

Steve Weiner works with individuals and groups to:

  • Give them some practical confidence around their ability to communicate ‘dry’ technical information in an engaging and empathetic way – this isn’t about ‘presenting’, it’s about a communication mindset;.Link theory to practice – in other words, how can you prepare, under time-pressure, to deliver technical information to others (who might not be technical!).

  • Examine the role that narrative plays in successfully delivering technical information to others.

  • Explore why so many people find this skill hard (their negative shadow ‘voice’) and what they can do to get their head in the right space to do it well.