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Quality conversations

Helping technical professionals run, manage and enjoy better quality conversations

Face-to-face time at work is at such a premium. Are you really getting the most out of the conversations you're having?

In time-poor, fast-paced business environments it's all too easy to jump in and out of conversations with colleagues and/or clients without ever considering your intention and your impact in key, face-to-face interactions. Call them 'difficult', courageous or challenging - at the heart of any good quality conversation is a focus on being interested rather than interesting.


Relationships are built (and broken) one conversation at a time. Communication theories are great but they might not apply to your specific situation. It's here, in your world, where we work with you. Leaning into the latest neuro-psychological research in this area, we explore how you move others away from ‘threat’ and towards ‘reward’ to connect, intimately, in conversation. 


Most importantly, using a selection of challenging experiential techniques, the aim is to get you practising skills in a non-intimidating and goal-focused but credible and peer-supported environment. 

Using lessons from private practice, professional learning and improvisation, this solution aims to:

  • Explore what a 'conversation' actually is. Why do we have them and what do we find difficult about them at work.

  • Identify the key conversations that individuals find challenging - what are their 'pressure' points.

  • Identify the specific 'skills' that might be required in a wider conversation - delegating, giving feedback, assertiveness, conflict and being 'present'.

  • Get the balance right - self-awareness and humility, adaptive management styles, a coaching mindset and a focus on well-being.

  • Examine the specific, practical skills that are required to initiate and run an empathetic conversation.

  • Practice specific conversations (conversations. identified by participants..) in the room.