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Richard Hill

Richard bridges the gap between practical application and academic practice. He is determined to bring the best of critical thought and rigorous enquiry alongside high impact engagements which enable organisations to bring the best from inside their business to succeed on their own terms. Richard focuses on ensuring that our activities fulfil their objectives through leveraging his programme design and delivery expertise. He also works to build our thought leadership and delivery foundations, bringing the best tools, knowledge and experiences to create long-lasting impact.

Richard first became involved in working with teams and culture 15 years ago while delivering cross-cultural programmes for the British Council across the Middle East and North Africa. Excited by the ways in which learning can bring people  together and create their ‘best selves’ he joined the University of Cambridge where for 10 years he built, designed and delivered high-quality learning interventions for high-profile public and private sector businesses, institutions and organisations. These engagements focused on aligning individuals, teams and leaders behind organisational strategy and direction, creating the skills and capacity to drive them to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

From 2013-2016 Richard was the founding Executive Director of the Centre for Compliance & Trust at Cambridge Judge Business School, working across the financial services sector to change culture and improve conduct.

In 2016, determined to bring together the theory which surrounds purpose within organisations with the reality of creating impact, Richard co-founded Realize, an NGO based in Central America which works to build inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Working closely with public sector, grassroots and community organisations, Realize builds policy, strategic and tactical responses to the needs of the community and seeks to develop benchmark practice across the region.