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SW Learning

Navigating your path through professional development

Expert coaching, team and group facilitation and L&D consultancy.

Our mission

We are passionate about helping time-poor and emotionally stretched professionals to breathe empathy, clarity and purpose into their communication and team-dynamics using the latest experiential and practical learning techniques. 

Our Services

121 Coaching
Helping individuals access their potential

Our 121 coaching is underpinned with intellectual rigour, a huge amount of experience and a focus on practical application. 

Provided by Steve Weiner, founder of SW Learning. See 'About' for more information. 

Team Coaching
Helping teams identify their purpose

Coaching for teams can be transformative. A non-directive approach to galvanising team cohesion and improving effectiveness for teams that are facing change, dealing with dysfunction or struggling to meet organisational expectations. 

Steve Weiner is a highly qualified and experienced team coach. See 'About' for more information.

Group Facilitation
Identifying roadblocks and thinking together

We run experiential development workshops and action-learning solutions for individuals at career transition points, for managers with supervisory responsibilities and for leadership teams looking to optimise performance and relationship dynamics.  

Conversational intelligence, neuro-leadership and intentional impact...

What they say about us...


Director of Development and Culture, global law firm.

"Steve Weiner is one of the best coach/facilitators in the market. His professional services, performing and L&D backgrounds give him unique skill set and experience base from which he delivers highly engaging sessions with a clear focus on practical relevance for participants. Using levity, appropriate challenge and a pragmatic approach to facilitated conversations, he is never less than interesting, informative and, dare one say, entertaining. Highly recommended"

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